I took on the roll of Cupid for this “Weekend of Love”, providing services in:
-Match making
-song requests
-love shout outs
-Secret admirer notes
-Singing Telegrams
-Archery (The love kind)

Here are some highlights:

A custom telegram from George to Kristie…

Lisa was lookin’ for love, so we played match maker….

Cupid received many love requests this weekend, and this one came with a beautiful message…


Thank you for this magical weekend of love. Until next time,

XXOOXOXOXO Cupid (Jenny West)




  1. Thank you Jenny for the use of your bow and arrow this weekend!
    Like I told you on the phone, a cupids’ job isn’t complete until a match is made… Sooo… If this match is unsuccessful, I’ll be looking to you to find me one that is!! Ha!

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