I thought about this on my ride in yesterday morning, while dealing with morning traffic (I don’t wake up before 8 am usually..) I have a bunch of songs each week that I listen to on repeat for my cycle into radioland.

Here’s some jams that I listened to this week to make my cruise into work easy peasy. Enjoy!

Arctic Monkeys – Snap Out of It

I recommend really ANY Arctic Monkeys for cycling or walking!

Katchafire – Love Letter

I’ve been obsessing over this song since a month before their May show at Sugar Nightclub.
Great summer playlist song too 🙂

Mutemath – Used To

Ever since Bossman Johnny showed me this track during an aircheck, it’s been at the top of my most played list 😛

Child Gambino – Sweatpants
This artist was only a couple weeks ago added to my phone and I’ve played this song at least 40 times since. Each time on my bike while going up hill fast-standing up.
Helps crush the hills and feel like a badass B|

Atmosphere – The Best Day
I’ve been getting geared up for the show I’ve waited for YEARS! Sept 14th @ Sugar, it’s going to be the highlight of my year!!
This song helps whatever mood I am in and is my most ‘biked to’ song!

Paramore – Tell Me It’s Okay (bonus track off self-titled)

Leave it to me to pick the most obscure Paramore song to love. This song SHOULD have been their single off the album, it represents the music I WISH paramore created more of. This sound is what I expect on the new album, something with a little punch.

Blink-182 – San Diego
The whole California album has been my most spun record this year since July 3rd, it’s nuts. But I am really digging the addition of Matt Skiba. The chorus is what really gets me;
we bought a one way ticket, so we could go see the Cure and listen to our favourite songs in the parklinglot

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy some of these tunes on your cycle. Add any suggestions of cycling songs so I can give ’em a listen and try 😀

<3 Jade


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