Levi – 8 years old, Kira – 8 years old & Alyia – 11 years old came in to tell us about their Young Entrepreneurs event. Do YOU have a young entrepreneur looking to sell their wears? This event may be for you:

15-year-old Zach Marks about how he has come to be one America’s youngest and brightest entrepreneurs through his growing success with Grom Social.

Grom Social was specifically designed to provide an environment of decency, and respectful language and conduct.  It is also dedicated to bringing greater awareness of the ever-increasing online dangers that face youngsters, offering advice to kids, mothers and fathers on what they can do to make them safer.

Today, it has surpassed two million members, and has secured interest from top-level movie and television companies, as well as toy and apparel manufacturers seeking to reach kids where they gather — online.  Grom Social is also expanding globally, with a Brazilian version recently launched and other countries in the works.


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