Hey.  Let me let you in on a little secret here;

I love dogs.

Shocking, i know.  I love them. They’re the best. Happy National Dog Day, i say!!

Here’s a true story that happened coincidentally just last night.

In the middle of the night my girl wakes me up, says she’s had a bad dream.  Trying to be good husband man i say “it’s ok, it’s ok, what happened?” and she actually said “it’s too scary to even say out loud, i can’t say!!” OK – now I’M starting to get scared.  What could have been in her dream to be THAT scary?  a DEMOGORGAN?! So i did what always makes me feel better when i’m scared from a bad dream – reach for a pet.

snoozing gary

Luckily Gary is never far away, so i scooped him up into the bed (dog’s are usually not allowed on beds), and nuzzled him into my wife.  Soon, he was snoring and farting and my beauty was back sleeping.  This morning she remarked again HOW scary the nightmare was – but how much better snuggling a doggo made her feel!

Imagine my surprise to learn after this heroism of dogs in my very own bedchamber – that today is National Dog Day!  And isn’t this exactly what dogs are best at?  From the very first barely tamed wolves primitive humans had welcomed into their tribes – to the completely engineered designer dog that Gary the French Bulldog is – giving their humans comfort and security in a night that is dark and full of terrors?

Here’s me pretending on the radio to do a mind-meld with Gary:

Give your little borker an extra hug for me tonight and have a great weekend!

Love, Pol


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