I hear about or see online folks who have fashioned themselves a little real-life Hobbit house.  The prime examples of all are of course, in New Zealand where the actual Hobbit village of the Shire used for the filming of Peter Jackson’s films still stands, and Peter Jackson’s backyard itself where it is said he moved the interior of Bag End so he could go and visit Bilbo’s home any time he wanted.  Incredible!

I always think to myself when i see these places, “gosh i’d sure like to at least visit there!”

Well, when just this morning, this place which is amazingly done and up for rent on AirBnB came across my screen – i was delighted to find out that it’s a short 7 hour drive into Washington State.  Double delighted to see there was a vacancy the same weekend as my birthday – coincidentally the Remembrance Day long weekend… everything was coming up particularly Millhouse for me not to jump, so here’s where i’ll be celebrating my 32nd;


The AirBnB listing says it all;

“Welcome to the Tiny House in the Shire, a hobbit inspired dwelling nestled right into the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge mountainside. Reverently framed by the iconic round doorway, the wondrous views will entrance your imagination and inspire an unforgettable journey. Every nook of this little habitation will warm your sole, every cranny will charm your expedition of repose. Up the pathway, tucked into the earth, an unbelievable adventure awaits!”

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It’s a little hard to find on google but i love that the listing also says “There are three areas where the road splits, use the maps but also there are signs posted with the mark Gandolf leaves on Bilbo’s door to indicate the way as well.”

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It’s all thanks to Kristie Wolfe, pictured above, who is based out of Idaho and loves Tolkien.  She went on her own adventure to scout the perfect secluded Shire-like setting to build the Tiny House and luckily it’s near the gorge in Washington!

I’ll let you know how perfect it is when i get back in November.  Cannot wait!

Love, Pol


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