Warning, this Post is Dark and Full of Spoilers, but if you clicked on the title, it’s probably too late for that anyways.

I have believed from the moment Jon Snow took his first traitorous Night’s Watchmen knife to the abdomen that this is not the end of He Who Knows Nothing. It seems with the trailer for GOT Season 6 which came out earlier this week, some hints that it’s really not!

jsnow K, number 1!  Kit Harington who plays J-Sno confirms that he’s in it… though that’s dodgy, because he says he’s in it as a corpse.

“I filmed some scenes of me being dead — it’s some of my best work,”


K, couple of other things though, 1, looks like someone here is doing some magic joo joo on Jon Jon, COULD IT BE A RESURRECTING SPELL?!??!

jon hand

Also, what’s Davos up to in this?  Is he gunna fight those guys so he can have Jon’s body?  For what? To give to the Red Lady to do Red Lady things with?  Possibly to RESURRECT?!?!


Finally here’s a screen shot that happened for like a SPLIT SECOND – of a PERSON… with LONGISH BLACK HAIR… doing things and definitely NOT being dead!

jon alive

Who else in Game of Thrones world has longish studly black hair like Jon Snow?!  Practically nobody, that’s who.

So yea, hundred bucks, betchu anything, Jon Snow is totally gonna be kickin’ it Westerosi when Game of Thrones comes back on TV on April 24th.

– Pol


  1. Worth pointing out that Melisandre believed she had a vision of the foretold hero but it was “obscured by snow”. She ended up deciding the prophesized hero was Stannis. Notice how Jon’s last name is Snow? Melisandre realized her mistake at the end of the season.

    • Totally! She has been one of the only people on GoT who is shown to be capable of actually doing magic like the type necessary to bring Jon back to life… i agree she’s totally switched sides from team Stannis to Team Jon Snow, and you even saw a bit of that in the last season where she tried to get it on with him!

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