I already feel as though birds are out to get me, and I’m extra terrified knowing that crows are acting exceptionally aggressive this time of year.

Between April and early July it is the nesting period for crows, so they are ready to attack if they think you are a threat to their young.

Things to know about crows during this time:

-They only attack if they feel threatened.

-They often swoop for the face

-They remember individuals. So if you do end up getting the bird angry, they will hold a grudge and a repeat attack may occur. Terrifying.

Tips to avoid an attack:

-Stay away from their nests

-Don’t make any sudden aggressive moves

-Keep your garbage tidy, so they don’t flock around your house

-If you’ve angered a bird, it’s best to change your route to avoid repeating attacks

-Umbrellas make for great crow-attack shields

Here is a detailed diagram of what a crow attack looks like:


Good luck out there,





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