It all started out up in Shawnigan Lake back in 1999 for Hot Hot Heat. The band is still led by the marvelous Steve Bays, and among the changes over the years, are preparing to release their last effort.

You may have heard, ‘Kid Who Stays in The Picture’ in The Zone the last few weeks, and today the video has arrived. But firstly some context care of Steve.

“It is about my best friend from childhood, who seemed clearly destined for fame. He was the best singer, actor, comedian, athlete… you name it. But as we grew up, I watched his laughter fade to seriousness as ‘real life’ eroded his sense of humour and wonder. He inadvertently taught me the importance of fighting to stay young at heart and holding onto your innocence for as long as you can, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. The lyrics are a bit of a mantra to stay hungry and passionate about selfish interests, so your conscious mind stays self aware and doesn’t get eaten up by the subconscious mind’s potentially lazy sense of doom.”

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