Former Band of The Month, Band of Rascals, recently received a Telus Storyhive grant of $10,000 to help with a new music video. 

They are filming the video this Saturday, May 28th, from 4:30 PM – 11:00 PM and want you to be a part of it!

 Here are the event details: 

“CONCEPT: The music video will be centered around a concert in this heritage building (that’s were you come in). We need an audience! Come out ready to rock! We will also have outside shoots and will need our volunteers for this as well! We are working with the extremely talented Dave Wallace of Innovative Imageworks to bring the concept to life.

WHERE: Port Renfrew, at St Mary’s Ecuminical Church. This church was originally built in Duncan, BC, in 1875, but was dismantled and restructured in Port Renfrew. You can find some interesting history on the church at this link:

TRANSPORT: Port Renfrew is a bit of a trek for most people so we are encouraging people to carpool as much as possible!
If you have seats available in your vehicle please post in the comments how many seats you have available and try to arrange for full car loads!

ACCOMODATION: The shoot will go quite late into the night, and we will be supplying some friendly beverages…. so with that in mind it is strongly encouraged that you plan on spending the night in Renfrew!

There are a ton of great rentals available and we personally recommendPacheedaht Campground if you want to camp! Please book in advance if you can!

If you want to make a weekend trip out of it you can expect to see us around a campfire with some guitars the night before!

DRESSCODE: For video purposes we have to avoid all logo shirts. Black is best but if not try and keep it as dark as possible. (Band of Rascals merch logos are just fine though!)

Last but not least! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! The more the merrier!

We are looking forward to making a video with all of you!”

Band of Rascals will be performing 4 free shows around the Island on June 25th as part of Tour De Shores. More details here.



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