Had a spectacular time fishing in Bamfield over the Labour Day Long Weekend!


it’s a bit of a trek and the roads aren’t great…!

As a kid i did quite a bit of fresh water fishing on Lake Superior and other little lakes in Northern Ontario.  Good times!  Haven’t really done a ton of angling out here in BC since moving out as a youngster – but that phrase “just like riding a bike” could probably just as easily be “just like reeling in a fishing line!”  Fishing on the West Coast of Canada as you probably know if you’ve spent any time at all out on the water is absolutely world class. The catches are the best you can ask for too – Salmon! Nothing like having a freezer full of delicious pink fish you caught yourself. Also, and especially since fishing is an exorcise in patience and sitting quietly and enjoying your surroundings, i can’t imagine a more beautiful place to be out on the water enjoying the day.  I’ll quit rambling, and you please enjoy a few of the shots i snapped on our adventure.


a snapchat!  It was pretty and intensely quiet.


Beautiful coast line.


Probably because of the Port Alberni Salmon Derby going on that weekend, there were a lot of anglers on the water.


My first catch!  11lbs coho!


Our guide was my dad’s cousin, here with a throw back. Too little!


The scenery at dusk was extra pretty.


Sun set was obviously a knock-out.


Day 2! My dad catches the biggest fish of the trip – 17lbs Chinook!


There are so many cool, wave carved caves in the small islands.  Do bears live in them?


Little bigger than my first catch, a 12lbs coho.  Good eating!

I sure hope it’s not too long again before i get to go out onto a boat, but again i’ve got a freezer absolutely stocked with vacuum packed salmon so i’m set for a while!

Oh and hey,  congratulations to the winner of the Salmon Derby – pulled a 53.2lbs MONSTER out of the water on Saturday!  Unreal!

Like Bossman says in those commercials we run – “take a kid fishing!”

Love, Pol


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