Ezra Koenig was born in New York City on the 8th of April 1984. So he’s 32 years old, today!

He’s the son of Bobby Bass, a psychotherapist, and Robin Koenig, a set dresser on film/TV productions. Ezra also has a younger sister, Emma Koenig, who is the author of the blog and book “FUCK! I’m in my twenties”, and a writer on the ABC-TV comedy, Manhattan Love Story.

Ezra began writing music around the age of ten, and his first song ever was titled “Bad Birthday Party.” Bad party, huh? He’d later right a song about a better one, but we’ll get to that.

Koenig went on to attend Columbia University, where he majored in English literature, and after graduating he taught English through Teach for America at Junior High School 258 in Brooklyn, New York. Students recalled Koenig bringing his guitar with him to class despite him trying to hide it and his music career. In the fall of 2007, a deal with XL Recordings cut short Koenig’s teaching career.

But if we track back to those student days, he an future Vampire Weekend cohort, Chris Tomson, teamed up with their mate Andrew Kalaidjian to put together a rap group called, L’Homme Run.

Remember that bad party as a kid? Did it not have pizza… 😉

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