I’ve been getting to know Rebecca for the last five years, her husband Dave Zellinksy is a hugely talented guitar player, and has become one of my closest friends since moving here. You may have heard Dave via Band of The Month alumni Towers and Trees 🙂

I knew Rebecca was an aspiring writer, pushing herself to be the best she could, whilst having as much fun along the way as possible. But I didn’t know that millions of people from around the world were reading her stories online!

Then she goes and gets signed to the United Talent Agency out of London, England. Whom look after the likes of Muse, Pink Floyd, Cage The Elephant , and more. Wowzer!

With that, I felt like an awful friend, haha. So it was time to do some investigating.

Last Friday (August 5th 2016) I asked Rebecca in for a chat and to thus spread the good word of her passion, journey, and ability, within our community.

Here’s the chat:

Her Bio:

After graduating high-school, Rebecca Sky set out on a five-year, 24 Country exploration to find herself. She slept in a hammock in the Amazon Jungle, skinny-dipped off the West African Coast, ate Balut while holding a monkey in the Philippines, and fell in love in Cuba (then again in Brazil, and a final time to a Rock Star in Canada). Rebecca returned home to the West Coast captivated by the world and ready for another adventure.

So Rebecca did what every wanderer does when standing still—she began writing. Her work has since garnered over 20 million reads on Wattpad, and she’s had the opportunity to partner with some really great brands. She was featured in The New York Times and The Boston Globe, and is represented by United Talent Agency in London.


Two things to check out:

“The Love Curse”

*This has been read over ten million times online!*

It’s a gift.

It’s a curse

Her touch creates love.

Her touch steals.

She’s an offspring of the gods.

She is a monster.

And she’s not the only one…

Rachel Patel avoids love. But there’s something about Benjamin Blake. Confident and aloof, he captures Rachel’s attention from the moment she’s locked in the police cell beside him.

Who is this guy? Why does it feel like an electrical current runs through the room every time he’s around? He’s fast becoming the one bright spot in her predicament, and it’s not helping that her best friend cares more about getting her clothes dirty than the fact that they’re breaking out of jail.

Despite her attraction, Rachel wants nothing to do with Ben, and she goes out of her way to make that clear. Even though she’s drawn to him and her feelings grow deeper every day, Rachel can never be with Ben. Rachel’s a Hedoness, and a touch from her will make any guy fall in love—head over heels, completely, irrevocably, obsessed love. And the last thing she wants is someone loving her because of her ability.

When Rachel is forced to partner with Ben to evade a task force appointed by the gods, and the FBI, the proximity to him tears her apart. On the run, with their lives hanging in the balance, Rachel becomes desperate to keep from turning Ben into a mindless slave to her desires. She’ll do anything to break her curse—even if it kills her.


This unique anthology of “imagines”—the first book of its kind—stories from popular writers that immerse you in a fantasy world of fame, adventure, and flirtation with your favorite celebrities.

Imagine running around the city, dodging paparazzi with Jennifer Lawrence…

Imagine Justin Bieber setting up a romantic scavenger hunt for your anniversary, retelling the story of your love…

Imagine standing up to your high-school bully with the help of Rebel Wilson… *Rebecca wrote this one!*

Take the plunge into these one-of-a-kind celebrity adventures, where you, the reader, are the main character.

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