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Let me just start off by saying i don’t really get the “not near me!” attitude some people have about the proposed sewage treatment plant. What’s that really all about? The smell? Number one, sometimes things do smell a little bit and it’s not the end of the world.  If you go down to Clover Point, sometimes you can smell the sewage treatment that’s already currently going on there. It’s really not that bad and i don’t think that’s the issue the “Save Clover Point” team has with the proposed plant there, in fact if you live across the street from it, i bet you can almost never smell it. That was built back in the 70’s, by the way. Are we really believing that in the year 2016 when we’re regularly landing robots on asteroids hurtling through space and creating wheelchair after wheelchair for kitties whose back legs don’t work – that we don’t have the technology to make a top of the line sewage treatment plant with adequate SMELL PROTECTION?!  Like look at the artist rendition of what the proposed plant at McLoughlin point was supposed to look like;


That looks pretty nice to me.  Like even if i did look out my bedroom window and saw it (which nobody will) i’d be like “hey that’s not so bad”.  Is it just the knowledge that there’s poop inside of it? Do we think the poop is going to come alive and come get us? Those living in the closest proximity to the poop monster, the first to be devoured? I mean, a 30 foot tall monster made of poop come to life is pretty much unstoppable, the whole region is at risk no matter where it’s origin point is. We’d all be dead in the belly of an ever-growing sentient poop with an unquenchable appetite for human flesh before the military could be mobilized to squirt hundreds of gallons of Mr. Clean Scrubbing Bubbles(c) at it in an attempt to bring it down for good, anyways!


Alright, that’s just a bunch of silly talk, for some folks who really know some important information about the recent developments about the sewage treatment plant, please have a quick read of the following;

Jack Knox in today Times Colonist writes a very insightful piece about the deal that was reached yesterday for the CRD to hand over the reigns of this project to a small but efficient group of experts.  Here’s the gist of that deal as told by Jack:

“Stop the eternal dithering, let a lean, focused expert panel come up with a sewage solution, and have it in place by Sept. 30 unless you want to lose half a billion bucks in federal and provincial funding.”

I’m for that.

While you’re reading – this is another really great comment piece from The Victoria Sewage Treatment Alliance – a large coalition of environmental groups, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, scientists, fishermen, ocean recreational enthusiasts and citizens from diverse backgrounds who are, obviously, invested in where and what the plant ends up as.

And now you know!

 Hey look, instagram changed their icon.  From the polaroid-style looking one of the left to the colourful abstract other dimensional one on the right.


I kinda like the new one! Insta was one of the last hold outs of having a “textural” icon.  Remember when we all got our first iPhones back in 2008 or whenever, and everything kind of looked like it was made of actual paper or whatever?  And now they’ve all changed to just being bright and flat and colourful?  Yea.  It kind of gets with the times and fits with that. If you don’t like it, see you on snapchat i guess.

I enjoy both insta and snap – if you wanna get me, search me out on both at just polplastino.


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