God bless Johnny Depp for doing a Michael Jackson impression for us – but Gene Wilder will always be Willy Wonka.


rare non-snarky-memed photo of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka

Gene has passed away of complications from Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 83.

For many Wonka will be his defining role, especially since, “Sarcastic Wonka” meme aside, he has such memorable quotes as “we are the music makers. and we are the dreamers of the dreams.” and “you LOSE! Good DAY, sir!”  He gave those who wished to be whimsical into adulthood a successful, candy operation owning role-model.  Plus that scary acid flashback tunnel scene is pretty cemented into all of our nightmares.

Worth mentioning though, Wilder had a few other fantastic roles – he was Dr. Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein – a TERRIFIC horror parody.


and of course Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles 2

I didn’t realise this about Gene Wilder though, above his storied career and many additional projects to the most well-known ones here, he was also married to SNL great Gilda Radner before she passed away in 1989.  He was very active in raising cancer awareness after her untimely death. Here’s a pic of them together in a movie called “Haunted Honeymoon” from 1986;


Neat!  Let’s hope that shows up on Netflix – looks silly but well worth a watch!

Gene Wilder – he’ll be missed.

Love, Pol


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