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Today on the Afternoon Zone…

just a quick reflection on the incredibly sad news that Gord Downie has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

The big thing that struck me this morning was that – and especially in this calendar year – we’re becoming so accustomed to grieving the untimely loss of great artists and musical talents.  In the case of Gord, however, i don’t know if it’s a blessing or unfortunate and extra sad, that we know it’s coming.  It’s kind of prolonging that grieving, stretching it from this morning when we first heard the news, until the sad inevitability.  I suppose it is fitting, however, for a band that has created countless special moments in song and performance across this country, to have the chance to create one last super poignant moment of farewell with it’s fans in full awareness of the meaning behind it.  I was reminded by a Zoner via text this afternoon as well though, that for some, it’s a chance to see a band they may have never seen but have been meaning to!

Zoner John writes…

“At least we get to say goodbye to Gord, unlike the other Legends who were just ripped from our lives without warning. I for one am glad to know in advance because now I will take the opportunity to see the hip. I’ve never seen them before and you always think that you’ll have time that there will be another chance but tomorrow is not coming this time”

That was eye-opening for me since i just kind of have this notion in my head that the Hip have been around for so long and played so many shows criss-crossing this country countless times that every single person who has wanted to see them – has.  Clearly, that’s not always the case, though! We can be thankful for this opportunity to say goodbye. 

Looking forward to the announcement of the tour For Gord this week and hoping for a show right here in Victoria.

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Next time you come by the radio station take an extra second to appreciate this shot we have up in our lobby – captured beautifully by our own Webmeister Bud

In the small Saskatchewan town of Weyburn – there is ACTUALLY an all you can eat KFC buffet.


Caleb from our Creative Department (who also loves fried chicken) and i took a look at a map – it’s a bit of a detour, but if you’re driving across Canada on the Number 1 – it would ABSOLUTELY be worth taking the detour. That is – until they shut it down for no good reason!

According to this local news article, KFC’s parent company, or however that works, is seriously considering shutting this golden deep fried nugget of God’s love in the middle of the prairies down.  Not only do i hope that never ever happens – i also have the wish that with the notoriety of this news spreading across the country – that EVERY KFC TURNS INTO A BUFFET.


I’m having a pretty hard time with what happened on Game of Thrones this weekend…


As often happens when we collectively choose to torture ourselves mentally and emotionally with this ridiculous show, a thing was simultaneously revealed and also happened that really was a spine-tingler and difficult to take in.


*crying a lot*

 Full disclosure, i took a brief break Sunday evening from my 12 consecutive hours of crushing beer in the sunshine with Jason Lamb to watch it, so was in a compromised state of emotion as it was – but this was a tough one. Not just for me, either, the internet has paid it’s tribute in pictures…

hold door



and from the actor who plays Brandon Stark himself;


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