Above is a shot of Government Street from the 1940s.

I always thought it’d be neat to hop in a DeLorean, gun it to 88mph and travel back to the Victoria of old. Maybe see if I could navigate my way through the city…’cause y’know, it’d be confusing to find your way around town when everything is black and white!

This is probably why one of my FAVOURITE pages on Facebook is the public group Old Victoria BC, where members share old photos of our beautiful city.

This is one of those rare pages on which a post that pops up in my newsfeed stops me in my tracks EVERY TIME. This also usually ends up distracting me from what I was originally doing so that I could click through and look at more of the posts and pictures posted in the group.

Here are some of my faves:

China Town Arch
The China Town Arch in 1906
Douglas at View in 1912
Douglas at View in 1912
Douglas at View in the 1940s
Yates and Blanshard 1912-1913
Yates and Blanshard sometime between 1912 and 1913
Government and Humboldt
Government and Humboldt (the year wasn’t given in this photo)
Menzies Street 1945
Menzies Street in 1945
Memorial Arena 1925
Memorial Arena in 1925
Fox Theatre (now Roxy) 1948
Fox Theatre in 1948 (now more commonly known as The Roxy in our neck of the woods – Quadra Village!)
Malahat 1949
The Malahat in 1949

And here’s a cool pic I found a little while back on that page that relates to The Zone’s history!:

CKDA truck

Our station (currently under the call letters CJZN) originally signed on as CKDA on January 18, 1950. We (haha, I say that as if I were alive back then) broadcasted originally on 1340 AM under Capital Broadcasting System Ltd.

[I’d write the rest of the history out and pretend to be all smart and knowledgeable, but you can really just get the whole story here.]

Now all we need is a DeLorean. But until then, you can enjoy the Facebook group yourself! –Boitano


    • Ah, interesting!! Great observation, Ian. =) Damn, and I just noticed it’s one of the only pics I forgot to link to the original FB post. I wonder if any commenters on the original post caught that.

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