When we announced his Alix Goolden Hall show a couple weeks ago, I tried to give Jesse a cheeky unplanned call. Alas out in Metchosin…What signal?

Within DAYS that show sold out, so now a second has been added for Friday, April 29th, also at Alix Goolden Hall. This news led to an interesting social post from Jesse…

“Crazy. I think about 2 years ago I couldntve sold out any show I played let alone this kind of venue. Last night I was way down a logging road writing tunes when the phone rang and I got the news that the 30th was sold out. Great news! So here we go for another night of fun on the 29th!!! Thank you to everybody who bought tickets already. It means a lot to me the support I get in this town. If we get the second night sold I think Ill make some kind of charitable donation. Maybe go pick up garbage around our pretty little capital city for a day to keep the karma clean. Actually I like that. If this second show sells out Ill pick up trash in Victoria from 10am till 6pm on sunday after the show. If anybody wants to help out Ill start down town and move towards the highway. It always bugs me seeing all the crap along the highway. Ill donate any recycled bottles to the Our Place Society and Ill talk to Alpine about the rest. BooM!! Lets sell this show out”


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