The demand for Dudeoir is on the rise since the original was released. It all started when the Duncan-based photographer, Masika May put a collection of “Dudeoir” photos together in a calendar to support MS. Brendan, the star of the original calendar, became a celebrity and the public said, “MMMMOOOORRRREEEEEE!!!!!”.

Brendon-5169-copy-e1459466290821Alas, another Dudeoir calendar has been created! Here is a sneak peek..

12418076_1117872854923998_4633556612005482588_n 12439424_1117872654924018_6122999301996792111_n 12919679_1117872671590683_4407761290590620966_n 12961511_1117872771590673_692035326627000932_n Patrick-dirtbike-9660-copy
Check out Zoner, Adrian Cools bakin’ cookies!12928185_1117872458257371_8513055222094913774_n
It will be released May 1st,  but you can pre order it here:




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