First there was catnip wine, which was non-alcoholic (of course!) with catnip, beets and natural preservatives
catnip-wine-for-cats-apollo-peak-2But why should the feline get one and not the pooch?!

To keep up with the demands of many dog owners, the company came up with a new blend of fancy dog friendly drinks.
ZinFanTAIL and CharDOGNay are non-alcoholic with beets (not grapes as those are toxic for dogs) and made with brewed peppermint or chamomile to help calm dogs.
Chamomile has been listed as toxic to dogs but the company responded with ;

“Problems with chamomile usually arise after chronic (daily) ingestion and are usually limited to cats,” Tina Wismer, medical director for the ASPCA Poison Control Center. She added that for dogs, like people, the main concern would be exacerbating any allergies among those “allergic to that family of plants.”

Click here if you want to go to the website of cat and dog wine – weird never thought I’d type that sentence

– Jade


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