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Peep this new telescopic lens traffic police will now have to use to catch distracted drivers!


They can photog yutzes on they phones from over an km away thereby helping to eliminate this conversation:
“but officer, i wasn’t on my phone!”
“just staring at your crotch while driving?”
“uh… yea…!”

Habitual driving nose-pickers like myself hope the cops don’t keep a fun joke file of us knuckle-deep mining for green goblins.

We do a weird amount of hugging here at the Zone.  Or maybe do most work places do not ENOUGH hugging? Think about it.

4 hugs a day. #ThatsTheMinimum

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News is a Tetris the movie has been green-lit with a budget of $80 million.


K, i understand a couple of things;

  • Nintendo wants to get into movies.
  • Shared universes are “totally hot” in movies right now.
  • Hollywood is completely creatively bankrupt and needs ideas.
  • Tetris is a all time great super beloved most excellent video game.

However i do not understand the following things;

  • How in God’s name you make a feature length movie based on Tetris.

Something i found out today and love very much: the Stair Car from Arrested Development was in Captain America Civil War.

stair car

“you’re gonna get some hop-ons”

The Russo Brothers who directed the latest Cap & Friends flick also did some absolutely awesome classic TV comedies including a couple of episodes of Arrested Development – so as a fun little Easter egg – slipped the Bluth family auto into the airport scene in the movie.

Another fun one for Community fans was when Jim Rash shows up when Tony Stark is giving a talk to a school, pretty much exactly playing Dean Pelton.  Though, and i’m not the first to say this, it would have been perfect had the dean reached over and touched Iron Man’s abs at some point…


Community fans hear me on this one.

Louis C.K. is one of the absolute best comedians of our generation, and now he’s doing something fans of live performance art like you and i have been desperate for on this continent for decades.  He’s burning a lot of calories in the effort to screw ticket scalpers.



The website Consequence of Sound has more reading on it, but essentially, as Louis writes in a letter on his own website, tickets will be reasonably priced thanks to him selling them himself as well as splitting the ticket charges with the venues. He continues…

For those of you who plan to take the opportunity of the simple and cheap ticketing on this tour to make a profit at the expense of my fans, please note that we are working hard to prevent scalping and that if you resell your tickets at an unfair price, you are risking having your tickets invalidated. Also if you purchase tickets to my shows from Stubhub or other scalping sites, that ticket may not be valid.

“If you buy tickets to one of my shows and you can’t go, or you somehow get stuck with them, please contact us at and we will try to help you get your money back. If you buy tickets from a reseller and they get cancelled, please contact us here because we probably now have that ticket and are going to throw it back on sale at the original price and you could get it that way. In any case, you can always reach out and we will try to help you.

I salute Louie’s concerted effort to stick up for his fans, and as we’ve seen the internet give rise to innovative ways of selling and distributing music – i would LOVE to see the music industry follow his lead and do what can be done to destroy the fan exploitative scalping industry.  I mean Vegas does a pretty good job of it, for crying out loud! 


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