In the last few years, we have seen Cat Cafes rise in popularity around the world. I am surprised Victoria hasn’t chimed in on this trend yet! These are establishments where people can enjoy a cup of coffee, cat cuddles, and have the option to adopt any of the feline residents.

A company out of Denver has a dream of taking the idea of Cat Cafes to the next level. THE CAT BAR! Cats + Alcohol.

cat bar 4
The Denver Cat Company has a successful Cat cafe in town and are hoping to raise enough money through their Kickstarter to open up a place “Where cats + wine become reality. You’ll enjoy wine, (or beer), surrounded by super playful cats!”. Though, their main goal is to get these kitties adopted.

Cat bar
My opinion: Beer and cats are two of my favourite things of all time, and as much as I want support this idea of a Cat Bar, I can see it becoming a problem. Here’s a probable scenario: Jenny walks into the Cat Bar without the intent of adopting a kitty. She strictly wants beer and kitty cuddles. She then smashes back a few drinks and makes a rash, beer-filled decision that she needs to take home 13 of them. Jenny wakes up the next morning, surrounded by 13 cats and remembers that she works in radio and can’t afford taking care of 13 other living things. She then gathers the adorable, fluffy felines in to a blanket-lined basket and does the “Cat-walk of shame” back to the Cat Bar. Approaching the lovely lady at the register, she says “I would like to return 13 of your finest cats please”.  

Yes, cats will definitely get adopted with the help of alcohol, but it’s always good to have people making life decisions in a sober environment. That being said, there is nothing better than drinking beer and cuddling cats.



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