Denver, Colorado is turning into a crazy cat lady. They are already home to a cat cafe, a soon-to-be cat bar, and now they are making cat wine. (This is not wine made out of cats, that’s messed up. It’s wine for cats!)

Apollo Peak is the company responsible for this cat-friendly wine. They offer 2 kinds; “Pinot Meow” and a white “MosCATo”, which are non-alcoholic, made out of beets and catnip, and are sold in 8-“meownce” bottles (Please note how they absolutely nailed it with their use of cat-puns). The company says that when cats ingest cat-nip they mellow out, contrary to when they smell it…they go BAT SH*% CRAZY!

cat wine 1

So cat owners rejoice, you now don’t have to feel lonely when you down a bottle of wine by yourself!


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