If you’ve ever watched Dragons Den you may have come across the band, Endurance *Click their name to watch them on the show*. Now, it was due to this appearance I started sniffing around these young talented fellas. From there Trevor ended up being a Zone intern, but sadly Brett had to go back to the U.K.

The lads were heartbroken, but never lost touch. Brett got a new band going, The Villanovas.

Note the header photo is the Metchosin one, Jesse Roper, bowing to this young talent when they performed together at the Saanich Fair last year, I REALLY hope he gets the chance again.

So lets catch up, learn of, natter with the lads;

Now YOU MUST listen to this performance of, “An Ounce of Pity”.

You can catch Brett TONIGHT at Lucky Bar for their Blender Night. Also Friday, April 1st, at My Bar. Finally, the now sold out Victoria House Concert B on the 9th of April.

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