An epic brawl went down between an Eagle and a Canadian goose this past weekend at Spider Lake Springs Campground, and Lisa Bell managed to capture it on her camera.

From this first picture, it looks like there will be a clear winner. The Eagle has that goose pinned right down, and his face is already painted with victory. The goose may just be acting polite to keep the eagle happy, while it plots its escape…

bird battle 2Here is the turning point, where the eagle loses grip (Possibly due to being over confident?) and the goose manages to squeeze his way out and make a run for it. “SO LONG, SUCCKKKAAAA”, is what I like to think the goose is saying in this next photo.

bird battle 3 bird battle 4 bird battle 6 bird battle 7HA-HA! Look who came out on top after all?! Some are saying this battle between America’s National bird and Canada’s iconic goose, could be seen as a symbol of the two nation’s relationship.



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