Much ink has been spilled and breath blown about the final Tragically Hip concert taking place at 5:30pm (PST), Saturday August the 20th in Kingston, Ontario, the band’s home town.  What it means to this country and what a special though heart-wrenching event it will be; a living wake for one of Canada’s greatest artists ever and a cultural touchstone for an entire generation.  This is thanks mostly to the broadcast of the concert on our national broadcaster – so that we as a nation may gather separately around our TVs and radios – but spiritually like a ancient tribal gathering around a massive bonfire and feel as one huge community joined in celebration.


What if i don’t want to be that separate though?  What if i want to really actually put my arms around other Canadians and feel the breath of as many other Hip fans as i can in my local community as they sing along?  Well!  A few places around town have got you covered:

The Strathcona Hotel

national celebration

The Strath says: “Miss out on The Tragically Hip when they were in town? Don’t fret!! We’ll be showing their concert on August 20th in Kingston in the Games Room.
Join in on this National Celebration complements of CBC Music and the Canadian Cancer Society.”

Here’s Terry Friesen, Outlets Manager of the Strathcona Hotel;

The Vic Theatre

vic theatreThe Vic says “Join other local Tragically Hip fans and witness the final performance of their Man Machine Poem tour on our big screen! We’ll crank the speakers, keep the bar open, and ensure that these Canadian music legends get the sendoff they deserve!
Free entry – Donations welcome”

Here’s Donovan Aikman, Programmer from the Vic Theatre;

The Yates Street Taphouse

they say; “Come celebrate everything Tragically Hip at the Yates Street Taphouse. We’ll watch their very last ever concert – LIVE from Kingston, Ontario – on the Taphouse’s BIG SCREEN plus 25+ other TVs, all with killer surround sound. The broadcast begins at 5:30pm, but we expect the Taphouse to reach full capacity well before then. NO COVER CHARGE, no tickets, just come on down (really, really early if you want seating).”

Darcy’s Westshore


Darcy’s says; “Enjoy the concert broadcast on our large projection screeens and TV’s in full stereo sound. Cover is free so there’s no reason not to come on down! UFC 202 will still be on in select areas of the pub during the concert and will resume on all screens after the Hip concert concludes.”



  1. Basically every pub/bar/backyard in the city; really. Confirmed also playing at Loft (formerly Upperdeck) and MyBar. Both on Gorge.

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