Giraffes are such magical, majestic creatures, right?  If there were 2 animals on this whole wide world you told me shouldn’t actually be here, and were transplanted from some far away galaxy – and those 2 animals were octopuses and giraffes, i’d say “that sounds about right”

It makes me so happy then, that a brand new baby giraffe has been born at the Sacramento Zoo! Here’s what they say about it from their facebook;

“What’s one day old, 163 pounds and over 6 feet tall? The newborn male Masai Giraffe calf!

Shani, a six-year-old female Masai Giraffe at the Sacramento Zoo, gave birth to a healthy 163 pound male calf at 8:40 a.m. on Sunday, April 10. Both are spending time bonding in the Zoo’s giraffe barn”

baby girafe 1baby girafe 2

“The Masai Giraffe is the largest giraffe subspecies and is found in southern Kenya and Tanzania. In addition to a difference in size, Reticulated and Masai Giraffes have slightly different spot patterns- a Masai giraffe’s spots are usually darker and irregular in shape. Gestation is 14 to 15 months with the female giving birth alone in a secluded spot away from predators. When a calf is born, it can be as tall as six feet and weigh 150 pounds. Within minutes, the baby is able to stand on its own.

The Sacramento Zoo is one of 32 facilities managing 120 Masai Giraffes in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) population… Observation of giraffes in zoos is helping field researchers to recognize physical characteristics and social behaviors that they are seeing in the wild. The study, which includes more than 1,500 Masai Giraffes, will allow researchers to follow the giraffes’ movements and reproduction habits in the wild in order to understand where and why their populations are declining.”

So friggin cute.  Always good to know there’s one more giraffe in the world. – Pol

baby girafe 3


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