It broke my heart reading bats as near as Seattle are dying from White Nose Syndrome, a fungal growth on the muzzle and wings while in hibernation. First identified in 2006, White Nose has killed millions of bats in eastern North America and spreads rapidly.

Ten dead bats from Vancouver Island are being tested for White Nose.
White nose was not forecast to reach the West Coast until as late as 2020 based on bat-to-bat transmission, but the infected bat found 45 kilometres east of Seattle shows how fast it has spread.

If you find a dead bat the B.C. Community Bat Program has asked that you call 1- 855-9BC-BATS.

Did you know that here in B.C. there are 16 of 18 bat species!!
We’re pretty much the homeland to bats, which I find pretty awesome!

Side note – this is the BEST kids book about bats.

Also lookit how adorable baby bats are
okok I’m done,

– Jade


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