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Apple Pay is coming to Canada!  Like… TODAY!!


According to the Canadian Press:
“All of Canada’s five biggest banks are partnering with Apple Pay to bring the mobile payment systems to their customers, but rollout times vary between the institutions.

The mobile payment system allows customers to upload credit and debit card information to certain Apple devices and then use them to pay at merchants that are equipped to handle the technology.

Royal Bank and CIBC customers will be able to use Apple devices to pay for purchases, rather than physical Visa, MasterCard or Interac cards, starting today.”

Right, but how long until all my favourite places have the little boop device (seen below) so i can actually pay by booping my phone or watch?

boopThe novelty of paying by booping my devices is completely what this is all depending on, right?  Don’t get me wrong – i’m already signed up and stoked about Apple Pay – but will it really be that much of a life-changer?  I guess we’ll see.  I usually pay by cash – i find it’s a good way to keep an eye on how much money i’m actually spending – but i do think the thumb-print and device combo is more appealing than plastic bank cards.

Here are some findings from a recent public poll down in the states showing that people surveyed enjoy Nickelback more than Donald Trump. Harsh!

Here are some other findings.


This is part of the reason i’m not sure why anyone would want to run for public office.  Regular comparisons in likeability to haemorrhoids.  And Nickelback.

One of the more heartbreaking stories to come out of Fort MacMurray recently has been the pets who were left behind in the hurry and danger of the evacuation. Thankfully, a real effort is being made to rescue any pets who’re still up there, and most importantly, reunite them with their owners!

Thinking of all that, it’s really nice to see these pictures which have been circulating online.  Airlines West Jet and Canadian North have been letting folks flying away from the fire, fly with their pets right there with them in the coach cabin. Pretty heart warming.





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