It turns out keeping newborn babies safe could be as simple as sleeping in a box. In Finland, every time a baby is born the parents are given a starter kit of clothes, sheets, bathing products, and a small mattress. Putting the mattress in the bottom of the box creates the baby’s first bed. The boxes have been handed out since the 1930s and have been credited with helping Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates. Media reported on the boxes about three years ago, and they’ve since gone viral. There are now three fathers in Finland who set up a business to supply boxes to customers all over the world, and two women in the U.S. did the same thing. Often the contents of the box or the way it is distributed are designed to address local problems, from preventing infection to getting the baby out of the parents’ bed, where there may be a risk of suffocation. 

– D. & J.


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