Today on the Afternoon Zone;

I had the chance to speak this afternoon with a young lady named Lana who hails from Fort McMurray about the fires devastating the city and the evacuation from home.  Have a listen, she’s an absolutely perfect voice to represent Fort Mac.  She renders strength in the adversity she faced to save her family, gratitude for the help the community has received, and determination to re-build.

Macleans magazine has put up these pictures showing the scale of the Fort Mac fires, here’s the size of them imposed over Vancouver.

vancouverIf you’d like to help the people of Fort McMurray, the best place to do it is still the Red Cross, click here to donate.

Something from under the sea…

Apparently we’re goin’ pokin’ around in the deepest place on planet earth, the Mariana Trench.  The place is so deep and we know so little about it that we had no idea this beautiful glowing jellyfish even existed!  Nuts right?!  Look at it!


Finally, we started off the show today with a packed room full of the performers who will be at this weekend’s Quadra Village Day! It’s on Kings Road from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm this Saturday the 8th, and as part of the fun of course there will be live music!  Here’s my chats and the live performance from the musicians of the day!

Have a good night! Love, Pol


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