A History of Pranks in The Zone


None of us in the office have ever really tried to pull off a prank on April Fools Day. I just don’t think anyone would fall for it…..partly because we prank each other all year round.

Here’s a short history of some of our greatest pranks caught on camera…

Let’s start with webmeister Bud’s various Halloween Pranks:

There’s that time he was “The Box Monster”

And of course that time he was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

And one of my favourites, “The Couch Monster”

Then there was the epic Bear Scare compilation we put together during last year’s #BearWeek.

And around election time last year, our Creative/Production team put together a fake promo that we scared Bossman Johnny with (WARNING: some NSFW language is used in this video…play at your own risk).

This is probably why we’re not that easy to fool on April 1st. –Boitano


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