How often do we sit and think about bugs? (other than when you see that spider and shout ‘KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!’
Well, here’s a few neat-o insects that I thought really needed more kudos and attention!

1 – Pterochroza ocellata aka the peacock katydid
The peacock katydid is a leaf-mimic katydid, when it feels threatened it repose its camouflage resembles a diseased or dead leaf!

2 – Cotton Harlequin Bug
These shiny beautiful beetles are native to Australia, mostly common during warm summers. They can be found on sugar-rich trees.

3 – Greta oto aka Glass winged butterfly
The glass winged butterfly is commonly found in South America as far south as Chile. These butterflies are also known as ‘brush-footed butterflies’ because they are known to stand on only four legs while the other two are curled up!

4 – Jewel Beetle
beautiful beetles, pictures of beetles (9)
Native to Thailand the Jewel beetles can grow to a maximum length of 40mm! The family is among the largest of the beetles.

5 – Maratus volans aka PEACOCK SPIDER!!!!!
Just cause I started this off saying how much people like to hate on spiders (myself included). These guys are too cool though!! I MEAN LOOK AT IT.. LOOK AT IT!!!
So the Peacock spider is in the family of jumping spiders, found mostly in specific parts of Australia. They pose no threat to humans!
Wanna feel a little better?
tiiiiiny wittle babies
– Jade


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