St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on Thursday!  Green beer of course is the go – to, but what if you’re not a fan of beer, or maybe you’re watching your carbs before summer bikini season?  Fear not!  Here’s a list of other green drinks!

Green Martini
green martini

Make a martini (gin or vodka – YOUR CHOICE!) and put green food colouring or dye in it.

Green Long Island Iced Tea
green iced teaThis one’s a little trickier because it starts off darker in colour, but here goes. Make a classic long island iced tea, then dump a bunch of green food colouring or dye in it.

Green Champagne
green champagne

mmmmm, bubbles!  Pop a bottle of champagne, pour some of it into a flute, then put green food colouring or dye in it!

Green Whiskey Sour
green whiskey sour

Seriously tasty and packs a boozy punch.  Start by making a whiskey sour, and finish it off with some green food colouring or dye.


Green Screwdriver
green screwdriverThe orange juice in this one is great if you’re starting St. Patty’s Day celebrations early! All the classic flavour of a screw driver, then put green food colouring or dye in it!

As for that Hangover Cure… just drink a lot of water the next day to re-hydrate yourself.  Anyone who tells you to do anything else is a sham artist trying to sell you snake oil.  Don’t do it.  Chug water.  – Pol


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