Last night after my show i was sitting here at my computer, it’s next to the window in the music department of the Q! and Zone building, keep an eye out for it next time you’re through on a tour – it’s got a great pic of my wife on the desk.


See, it’s a bikini shot, but i make these little paper-doll dresses for it so nobody can perv on my wife except for me!  This Bjork number is courtesy of Bryan Boitano, he really nailed it too, i think.

ANYWAYS, i’m sitting here at my computer scrolling through the internet and found a couple different variations of this meme – the one comparing the two pics – Harper & Kroeger to Trudeau & Downie.  I thought “oh man, so good!  Gotta put this on the Zone’s facebook page tomorrow! Should i put it on my OWN facey page tonight even? It really is THAT good!” I toyed with some captions along the lines of “it’s such an interesting juxtaposition, isn’t it?” but then, had a moment of clarity where i thought “your facebook is gonna be blowing up all night, it’s gonna turn into a shitty music vs. politics discussion, one from which no one will emerge a victor and frustration with the human race will reign supreme.  Don’t do it.  Wait till tomorrow, let Zoners hash it out on the Zone’s page.”  Smart thinking – i went home, and instead of moderating a bunch of vitriol on my own page, ate left over pizza with my wife, had a terrific FaceTime catch up with a dear friend i hadn’t talked to in years, and then snuggled and roared laughing at Broad City on the couch till bedtime.

I wake up the next morning to find WHAT?! Of course, Dylan & Jason had found the Harp-Kroeg-Trud-Downie meme, and at like 6:15 in the morning, posted it to the Zone’s page. It was raking in the likes.  I farmed it.

I mean, look it, we’re absolutely a team here at the Zone, i’m not jealous… ok i mean, a little bit… but really, a bunch of likes or “impressions” as social media gurus will call it are always a good thing for the home team’s page no matter who puts it up!  Besides, i didn’t THINK UP THAT MEME – i didn’t WRITE IT or CREATE IT – all i was gonna do was share it and put up some caption! I have ZERO ownership over it! And within that, i think is an important lesson for everybody online. I don’t REALLY know what it is, all i know is, i HATE it when pages or people re-package things they didn’t create, slap a watermark of their crummy logo on it, and share it as if they’re creative, social geniuses.  YOU’RE NOT.

The thing that really chapped my ass about the whole thing was that Dylan & Jason posted the LESS GOOD VERSION of the meme!  Here’s the one i was gonna share this afternoon;

some others

Right?  It’s better!

K last thing today and probably last thing about the Hip show for a while, but i thought of this or rather remembered it today as i got to work after getting a hair cut.  And i should say, i didn’t get a HAIR CUT today, i got a trim!

I go to a great barber shop in town, always usually to the same barber, and she always tells me “come back before your next cut to get a little trim up! It’s free!!” I never do it, but finally did today.  It’s great because see i schedule my haircuts out quarterly – that is to say i get 4 per year, around close as i can get to the turn of the seasons.  No powerful spiritual solstice type reason for it, just to keep me on a easy to remember schedule!  When you’re getting your hair cut every 3 months or so though, you can get a little scraggly between cuts!  So if your barber offers you a trim, go for it!

That’s not the tip, though.  The tip and the haircut just reminded me of being a dapper gentleman and ties into it, is;

carry a handkerchief.

I’ve been carrying one, mostly in the summer time, for about 2 years now, and it’s great.  I noticed too, during the last Hip show on Saturday, that Gord Downie himself – at least on stage to manage the sweat of a hot, energetic show – carries a handkerchief.


I used to have this very hanky but lost it in Portland.

Whenever people see me having a hanky they’re often like “aw gross, my dad used to have one of those, he’d blow his nose into it and stuff it back in his pocket!  Why’d you wanna carry a pocket full of boogers and bodily fluids around with you all day?!”  My answer to them is, “well, i don’t blow my nose into it.”  Which is true, i RARELY use it as nose-blower, for me it’s really more of a sweat-off-my-brow-dabber, and in that respect it has been a life-saver.  Especially if you’re travelling to more muggy locals than Victoria.  Even here though, i mean it always gets hot.  EVEN IF you DO blow your nose in it, is that any worse than having a sleeve full of ratty booger filled tissues? Plus they’re dirt cheap.  Get a 4 pack for like $6 if you know where to look. Seriously, a hanky is a terrific extra way to keep smart and pulled together, i HIGHLY recommend.

Love, Pol


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