Back in 2006, when car companies were stepping up their music game by adding auxilary inputs for ipods and mp3 players, Volkswagon decided to announce their V-dubs Rock promotion.

For a limited time with every 2006-2007 VW lease or purchase, you would receive a custom First Act GarageMaster electric guitar that could be plugged into your Volkswagen and played through its sound system! The pick guard colours were customised to your car, VW logos were scattered throughout and it came with a seat-belt guitar strap. The beauty of the guitar is the built-in preamp that allows it to be played in any VW car via the auxilary input.


JB007 Back Plate 0002
JB007 Back Plate 0002
JB007 Head Stock 0001
JB007 Head Stock 0001


This promotion was clearly before the distracted driving laws tightened up. I wouldn’t want to see any drivers shredding on this bad boy while cruisin’ the Malahat.

Here is a review of the guitar.



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