Meet Super Cool Future DJ, Bethany!


While I appreciate the kind words and wicked suggestions regarding The Zone’s Mixtape, this one e-mail I recently received punched me right in the feels!

Zoner Michelle got in touch with me a few weeks back with some very kind praise for The Zone’s Mixtape. And while I do like compliments, my favourite part of her e-mail was about her daughter, Bethany. I’m not gonna copy and paste the entire e-mail, but in a nutshell, she goes on to tell me about how Bethany is very musical and has a great interest in DJing.

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As a fellow parent, Michelle and I seem to share the same belief that supporting your child in what they are naturally good at is one of the best ways to raise them to be confident and happy.

“I really think my kidlet could be a ROCKING DJ if she is encouraged properly.”
–Zoner Michelle

The main point of Michelle’s e-mail was to see if I had any advice on how to further her interests and encourage her natural ability. She wants to find DJs and affordable programs around town that can work with Bethany. And with a modest budget, she also wants to build a decent DJ rig for Bethany to practice and play around with.

Best I could do is invite her to check out The Mixtape in the studio as it happens – which is what she did today. I also had an old mixer (actually one of my very first DJ mixers) that I figured I could donate to the cause of building her first DJ rig and developing her skills as a superstar DJ.

But with a mom like Zoner Michelle, I have no doubts that we’ll see her behind the decks at a show or festival! As both a DJ and a parent, her personal investment in her daughter’s interests makes me smile! –Boitano


  1. If I took a shot every time she said ‘super cool’ and ‘really nice’ since we left the Zone, I’d be really super drunk! Thank you Bryan she is inspired!! Dr. Olive is on her way up!

    • Look forward to seeing her stardom rise! 😉 Let’s do this again! Seeing her beam with enthusiasm as I was showing her the ropes pulled on my ol’ heart strings! –Boitano

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