[LISTEN]: DJ Boitano’s Remix of the new Beck (Warning: Explicit Lyrics)


The new Beck is……different. I kinda dig it, myself. I know most will be extremely polarized by it.

When I first heard it, I immediately thought of Big Sean. And then I had Big Sean (w/ the beat to “Wow”) stuck in my head all day. To deal with this ear worm I just needed to mash it up. Here it is, but Zoner be warned! There be fowl language in this mashup!

Hilarious irony of this mashup: The song “I Don’t F*ck With You” by Big Sean ft. E-40 was produced by Kanye West!

Also, I’m not sure how long SoundCloud is going to let me keep this mix online before it gets flagged. A lot of DJs and Producers I know and follow have been getting their remixes taken down lately.

[EDIT (06/10/16)]: Took a little longer than I expected (a week) but the track got taken down by SoundCloud.


It got taken down about 4,000 listens later though, so at least some of you got to hear it! Ah well, onto new things, I suppose! 😉 –Boitano


    • Thanks so much, Rob! Most of the Mixtapes from weeks’ past are available at Mixcloud.com/Boitano913 but if you’re wanting MP3 of the mixes, shoot me an e-mail at Bryan@TheZone.fm and I can put together a care package with a DL link to some mixes! 😉 Appreciate the kind words, friend!

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