[FREE DOWNLOAD]: DJ Boitano’s Prince Tribute Mix


princeI left the radio station yesterday early afternoon after covering the incredibly sad breaking news about Prince’s untimely passing. All afternoon, for the life of me, I couldn’t get “Purple Rain” out of my head. I came back to the station a few hours later to get started on this mix in hopes that it would help lift this weird cloud that was hanging over me. I eventually had to leave before being able to finish it and still had Prince songs stuck in my head all night. I believe I even had a few weird Prince-related dreams. So I got up early, put on a purple shirt and went straight to the radio station to finish it.

Check out the mix here:

If you like it and want an MP3 copy for yourself, feel free to download it here.

Thanks for the inspiration, Prince.
Rest In Purple.



  1. I remember wearing out my cassette copy of Purple Rain listening to it in my Walkman while delivering papers in Vancouver in 1984.

    R.I.P. Prince, and thanks to Brian for this sweet tribute!

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