Huge thanks to Victoria’s two-time Glory Featherweight Kickboxing Champion, Gabriel Varga, for taking the time to call in to The Morning Zone and chat with Dylan and myself!

Last week, Gabe brought home the Glory Featherweight Championship after winning a majority decision against long-time rival Serhiy Adamchuk (and being the first person ever to knock the fighter down).

Check out Gabe’s fight here:

Dylan mentioned this shortly after the interview and I wholeheartedly agree that it’s such a great thing to brag about, having world-class athletes such as Gabriel, Sarah Kaufman and Ryan Janes representing our city in the ring!

A giant picture of Gabriel (from his Hero Legends victory earlier this year) hangs above the ring in the boxing room of Studio 4 Athletics (where Jenny and I participate in Contender Bootcamps) and it offers up some inspiration to young, up-and-coming fighters…like Jenny!


Here is the full chat with Gabriel Varga in the Morning Zone including some excellent advice for Jenny West as she gears up for her first fight!

Thanks for the great words from a great fighter!

Because I’ve spent this week doing the morning show with Dylan and I’ll be off next week to take the family camping, I’ll be missing out on a few bootcamp sessions. But I’m super anxious to get back at it!

I’ve also been participating in the #22PushupChallenge lately (nominated by my first boxing opponent, Jerry Hughes), so that’ll keep me active whilst away from the gym.

But keep up with Jenny as she’ll update you over the next few weeks with her on-going experience as an amateur boxer in training.


If you haven’t boxed before but feel like you want to try a great challenge (or if you’re like me and still have an itch to scratch from that boxing bug that bit you during your first year), I highly recommend you join us at the morning Contender Bootcamps at Studio 4 Athletics. The classes are from 6:30am – 7:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A monthly membership (that gives you full access to the gym facilities and all the classes they offer, including the boxing bootcamps) is $54/month. They’re also offering a three-month summer special for $99!

And if you start coming with us to contender bootcamps and eventually gain interest in becoming an actual Fight 4 The Cause contender, everything you’ll need to sign up can be found right here! –Boitano


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