Bryan Boitano and I have completed the second week of Fight 4 The Cause bootcamp and it hasn’t gotten any easier.
In the blue corner (my team), we have been focusing on basic boxing technique and conditioning.

Practice does not make perfect, “Practice makes Permanent”. This is a phrase Dean (our coach) is familiarizing us with during training. You can practice as much as you want, but if you are practicing the wrong technique, that is what will be sticking with you in the ring. So before we get too crazy with combinations, Dean and Kevin (our coaches) have been making sure we hone our basic punching skills.

Our morning bootcamps are also filled with HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to keep our cardio up and for our coaches to get an all-around idea of our fitness levels.

At the end of each bootcamp I am read to puke, pass out, cry, or all of the above… but it definitely feels worth it as I am seeing improvements daily! 

Here is a little video of me punching the bag on Thanksgiving. (Tip: No one goes the the gym on Thanksgiving, so you get the place to yourself!)

@kirsten.james was right, no one is in the gym on Thanksgiving Sunday. Except for Bob, who is creepin' in the back

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Every week, Studio 4 is releasing a video update for our Fight 4 the Cause training. Here are some highlights from both the red and blue corner on week 2!

For info about attending Fight 4 the Cause, visit their website.



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