Boitano and I have started our training for Fight 4 The Cause 2016, which consists of 3 morning boot camps a week at Studio 4 Athletics, leading up to our fight on November 26th.

We are on our second week of training and, boy oh boy, it has been a tough one! Monday’s session was all about “Smashing out the weekend”. The majority of the class attended The Phillips Backyard Weekender and the Victoria Pride festivities, so yeah… we were hurting big time on Monday.

Our instructor, Dean Kerpan, got us to experiment with some non-boxing moves like kneeing and hammering, which really made us feel like the Hulk.


Here was my first go with my lil’ ol’ knees kicks!

This morning’s session with instructor, Bryan Colwell, was also a “Smash-Out” day… this is becoming a common theme. Here are the sweaty highlights from the class.

These boot camps have been a lot of hard work, but Boitano and I have been seeing major improvements in such a short time thanks to the awesome instructors at Studio 4.

We will continue blogging about our progress each week and if you have any questions about the event, leave them in the comments!


If you haven’t boxed before but feel like you want to try a great challenge (or if you’re like me and still have an itch to scratch from that boxing bug that bit you during your first year), we highly recommend you join us at the morning Contender Bootcamps at Studio 4 Athletics. The classes are from 6:30am – 7:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A monthly membership (that gives you full access to the gym facilities and all the classes they offer, including the boxing bootcamps) is $54/month. They’re also offering a three-month summer special for $99!

And if you start coming with us to contender bootcamps and eventually gain interest in becoming an actual Fight 4 The Cause contender, everything you’ll need to sign up can be found right here!

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