After the first week of training camp, I’ve pretty much become accustomed to waking up at 4/4:30am…even on our Sunday off! So as I wait for it to get a bit brighter outside (so I don’t have to run with my stupid headlamp on), I figured I’d give you an update on how training camp is going (from a red team perspective, anyway).

My team: The Red Devils

This week, our team (led by multiple-time boxing champ and super-mom, Coach Baylea) focused on strength and conditioning to get us used to lasting six minutes. As one of this year’s alumni fighters, this week was a pretty big reminder that Fight 4 The Cause training camp was NEVER easy. It’s one of those things I didn’t necessarily forget about but I think my brain chose to remember the more enjoyable moments over the gruelling, sweat-pouring, pain-enduring ones!

That said, it also brings back that heightened feeling of accomplishment to take on these incredibly challenging strength & conditioning workouts with a specific goal in mind. There’s something about having a goal that really drives a person to push past the barrier of physical limitations and do just one or two more push-ups or sprint for ten more seconds.

Our Opponents (a.k.a. Jenny’s Team): The Blue Bombers

When training me for my previous fight, Coach Dean (the bald dude in the middle of the front row in the blue team pic) taught me that while I have an opponent in the other corner, everyone’s greatest opponent is themselves. So while it’s normal for contenders to spend their time worrying about how fast and strong their opponent is (or even how hard they’re training), it’s more productive to focus on their own training.


After next week, both teams will start sparring to get a feel for what it’s going to be like in the ring. This is where all the strength, conditioning and cardio training will come in handy. Two minutes in the ring doesn’t seem like much, but when the adrenaline and anxiety from punching (and being punched by) someone kicks in, two minutes can feel like a tiresome eternity!


On a fun (and slightly less-tiring) note, I found my old entrance video from Fight 4 The Cause 2013 (produced by webmeister Bud)!

We gotta think of a fun video for Jenny’s entrance! She’ll give you a training update from her team’s perspective next week! –Boitano


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