For the last few months Bryan and I have been brushing up on our boxing skills and preparing for Fight 4 the Cause. We have been training Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30am as part of the year round optional portion of contender bootcamps. As we are approaching the event, its is starting to feel more real. More contenders are joining us in our training each day and the registration period has begun!

There is still time for you to join the bootcamps and start training for the charity boxing event on November 26th. If you have never boxed before, this is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and try something new (that’s why I got into it) . Come try out a bootcamp with us at Studio 4 Athletics and if you like it here is how you can register!

Complete these forms:

They must be completed by Oct 3rd, which is when the mandatory training camp begins.

Contenders are also encouraged to find sponsors to help with the costs of participating in the event. For more information on registration and finding/becoming a sponsor you can go to the Fight 4 the Cause Website.

Here are some videos to give you an idea of what to expect at the Studio 4 Athletics contender bootcamps.






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