It took a while to re-adjust back to the morning bootcamp routine but Jenny and I seem to be getting into a good groove and waking up super early to work out is not AS difficult as it was a few weeks ago. That said, I found I’ve been having a harder time recovering from muscle soreness and fatigue than in previous years of extensive morning boxing workouts.

I think the likelihood of my diet contributing to this is very high….plain and simple, I’m eating like sh** and that’s a major contributor to slow muscle recovery. I never used to believe this but you can work out all you want, however, what you put in your body really determines your level performance and gain.

A few months ago, I did some circuit training with Dylan Willows’ wife, Jaqueline. She put me through a gruelling morning workout involving a lot of weights and cardio. At one point in the workout, I started feeling a bit light-headed and had to stop and it kind of baffled me as I hadn’t felt like that since before I started boxing years ago. She asked me what I had for breakfast that day and I told her that I had a smoothie. The smoothie consisted of berries, a banana and juice…………didn’t take a detective to figure out that was the problem. I was crashing after consuming all that sugar and ZERO protein!!!

Part of me is strongly considering taking up my old diet from back when I first started training. It’ll help me take off a few pounds while getting ready for the fight and also help me keep my energy up. That said, it takes a LOT of will power to have the discipline to stick to that all summer…my hat’s off and respect to anyone going through that right now! =)

Meanwhile, Jenny West is killin’ it…

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If you haven’t boxed before but feel like you want to try a great challenge (or if you’re like me and still have an itch to scratch from that boxing bug that bit you during your first year), I highly recommend you join us at the morning Contender Bootcamps at Studio 4 Athletics. The classes are from 6:30am – 7:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A monthly membership (that gives you full access to the gym facilities and all the classes they offer, including the boxing bootcamps) is $54/month. They’re also offering a three-month summer special for $99!

And if you start coming with us to contender bootcamps and eventually gain interest in becoming an actual Fight 4 The Cause contender, everything you’ll need to sign up can be found right here! –Boitano


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