Fight 4 The Cause returns to Victoria November 26th 2016 where we combine social boxing, community involvement and red carpet glamour for an unforgettable evening. The event will take place in The Fabulous Carson Hall and be catered by the master chefs of The Fairmont Empress Hotel. This will be the time to look your best while knowing that at the same time you are giving back to your community. Being our 5th year we are also giving some spots on the card to past alumni to relive some of the most exciting match ups!”

Bryan and I took a week off for some much need vacation. He went camping with his fam-jam Up Island, and I headed to Harrisson Lake on the mainland for my own camping trip with friends. After surviving a week with only consuming campfire Alphagetti, Munchies and beer, we were back to action on Monday with another week of Fight 4 the Cause contender bootcamps.

tired with bob

I now realise the true meaning of the term “You are what you eat”. The 6:30am Monday bootcamp with Dean was THE hardest hour of training for me to get through to date. We start off every class by skipping rope and I could feel each beer that I consumed in the last week with every jump I took. Brutal. That was definitely a wake up call that if I want results in training, it is more than just doing the actions- what you put into your body is just as important.

Wednesday’s bootcamp with instructor Bryan (name twins!!), focused on technique. Here is a little video of us working on our fancy footwork!

On a side note, we have been getting to know Bob pretty well over these last few weeks of training. He’s a great guy and doesn’t even get mad when we punch him!


DO YOU WANNA JOIN US?!  (you should, it’s really fun!)

If you haven’t boxed before but feel like you want to try a great challenge or if you’re like Boitano and still have an itch to scratch from that boxing bug that bit you during your first year, I highly recommend you join us at the morning Contender Bootcamps at Studio 4 Athletics. The classes are from 6:30am – 7:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A monthly membership (that gives you full access to the gym facilities and all the classes they offer, including the boxing bootcamps) is $54/month. They’re also offering a three-month summer special for $99!

And if you start coming with us to contender bootcamps and eventually gain interest in becoming an actual Fight 4 The Cause contender, everything you’ll need to sign up can be found right here!



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