This morning, the Evening/Weekend Zone’s Jenny West and I got up early, threw on a set of boxing gloves and headed to Studio 4 Athletics to start what will be a full summer of boxing bootcamps. This is all to get us in shape and gear up for the 5th Annual Fight 4 The Cause Charity Boxing Classic on November 19th in the Carson Hall of the Victoria Conference Centre.

The event supports four local charities each year. To date, they have raised $96,000 for The Brazilian Cultural Foundation, Help Fill a Dream, Tanelle’s Journey, Power to Be, Free The Children, The Victoria Firefighters Charitable Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and The Mustard Seed. Their goal this year is to raise $50,000 in one night!

That’s right, we’re officially doing this!

As the charity event is heading into it’s fifth year, the organizers have decided to do something different. They’ll still invite people who have never boxed before (in this case, Jenny) to take on the challenge of learning the sport and competing in the event for charity. But in addition to this, they’re inviting back people who have once before participated in the event (in this case, me) to compete in “alumni bouts”.

I’ve been involved with Fight 4 The Cause since 2013 and I’ve been hooked on boxing ever since. While I didn’t win my first bout, it was certainly one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve taken on in my life! The experience helped me get back into shape and be a lot healthier than I was before all this!

After last year’s event, Jenny told me that she’d be interested in trying it out and competing in 2016. I was both surprised and genuinely excited for her! Over the past several months, she and I have taken a number of boxing classes together to see if it’s something she enjoys. She definitely seems to enjoy it but has said hitting another person is something that may take a while for her to get used to.


This is very normal! There was a time when my coach had tried to encourage me to be a different version of myself when stepping into the ring. He said something about, “hanging up the father/husband gloves and putting on the warrior gloves.” A good chunk of the learning experience in the sport of boxing is learning a lot about yourself. And while you may have someone else in the opposite corner throwing punches at you during a bout, your main opponent throughout the entire experience of training and fighting is yourself.

This is why I love this sport. And I know she’s going to learn a lot about herself and what she’s capable of in the coming months. I’ve already noticed how hard she can punch and she’s just starting out! Look-out, Jenny’s future opponent!! [Which reminds me…help us think of a “boxer name” for Jenny, wouldja!]


If you haven’t boxed before but feel like you want to try a great challenge (or if you’re like me and still have an itch to scratch from that boxing bug that bit you during your first year), I highly recommend you join us at the morning Contender Bootcamps at Studio 4 Athletics. The classes are from 6:30am – 7:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A monthly membership (that gives you full access to the gym facilities and all the classes they offer, including the boxing bootcamps) is $54/month. They’re also offering a three-month summer special for $99!

And if you start coming with us to contender bootcamps and eventually gain interest in becoming an actual Fight 4 The Cause contender, everything you’ll need to sign up can be found right here!

We hope to see you out with us one morning……so we can punch you (nawww, just kidding about that last part……maybe)! –Boitano


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