[FIGHT 4 THE CAUSE]: If you don’t already hate Moby…you will!


Yes, it was a short week but a killer one nonetheless.

There was no bootcamp on Monday because of the stat, so we picked it up on Wednesday with a morning bootcamp. Then on Thursday I did my weekly hill run (every Thursday morning at 6am on Mount Tolmie if you ever wanna join the Hill Warriors). The following day was another bootcamp at Studio 4 Athletics, where we ended off the session to the Moby Squat Challenge:

This is a crazy song to try and squat to (basically every time they say “Bring Sally Down” you squat down and when they say “Bring Sally Up” you get up). Crazier people do push-ups to this song.

This week, if you’re wanting more information on Fight 4 The Cause and what is required to sign up, there will be an information session held at Studio 4 Athletics (715 Yates Street) on Wednesday at 6:30pm. There, you can ask questions and learn about the process of not only registering for the fight but applying for a Combsport boxing license and completing the medical examination requirements before Fight Camp starts at the beginning of October. I’ll be there so feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more details if you need any (bryan@thezone.fm).


Gettin’ down to crunch time! Let’s do this, Jenny!!!!! –Boitano


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