Boitano pranks Bossman Johnny


Did that REALLY run on the air??!? The Zone’s Bryan Boitano pulls one over on Bossman Johnny. Wanna see the UNCENSORED version, complete with swears??!? oooOOOooo, you’re brave. Okay, hit it up here for 100% NSFW cussin’.



R.I.P. Darth Betta


Recently, we lost a dear friend to the radio station: Darth Betta. Here, we celebrate his life and times before returning him to the sea . . . =(


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: We’re giving it away!


Why, look! By some complete coincidence, Dennis & Laura Patts — winners of our 2014 Summer Civic from Campus Honda — happened upon Pol and Gary on their morning walk. But hey . . . that gives Pol AN IDEA!


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: CIVIC MAGIC!


Jenny West has been trying out all sorts of magic, and she enlists Jade Nixon to help! KA-BLAMMO!


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Professor Bossman


John knows a lot about cars. He teaches the Zoners about our #SummerCivic from Campus Honda. We get all learned up.


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Marlon ”Offseason” Martens


With the Victoria Royals off for the summer, how does The Zone’s play-by-play announcer, Marlon Martens, keep his skills sharp during the offseason? By providing play-by-play for everyday events, of course. So, when Pol and Bryan take The Zone’s #SummerCivic … Continue reading



The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Dylan and Homie


Last year, when we made the first round of Campus Honda Summer Civic videos, Pol Plastino and his dog, Gary seemed to get all the love. Dylan and Homie have to up their game to GET ALL THE VIEWS!


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Pol & Boitano’s Tall Tree Adventure


The Zone’s DJ Boitano was booked to play a Saturday afternoon set at the Tall Tree Music Festival. He could only make it up on the Saturday so Pol Plastino graciously offered to be his chauffeur to and from Port … Continue reading