The Zone’s Summer Civic :: workplace dynamics


“Why do you guys always fight on the morning show?” And with that question, Bossman Johnny unleashes a torrent of immaturity most befitting of Dylan & Jason in The Morning Zone . . . *sigh*


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :: Jon Williams


Learn about ALS as The Zone’s Jon Williams takes the ice bucket challenge & nominates USS to help raise awareness to fight this disease. =) Bud


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Bud ’n Kitara in the car wash


Our Campus Honda Civic gets dirty like any other car, so webmeister Bud and his itty-bitty had an adventure in soapy space at the car wash. =)


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Jeremy & USS (Part 2)


Here’s more from Jeremy Baker’s interview with Jay (front seat) and Ash (back seat) of USS in The Zone’s Summer Civic courtesy of Campus Honda. The gents are super humble about their success in Victoria, and Ash issues an apology … Continue reading


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: feature tour w/ Honda Gord


Gord Neave from Campus Honda dropped by to knowledge us up about some of the cooler features of our Summer Civic. We’ve got this thing for a while; we’d best figure out all the cool toys.


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Jeremy & USS (Part 1)


On the eve of Rock The Shores, Jeremy Baker (armed with a GoPro camera and an audio recorder), picked up Jay and Ash from USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) in The Zone’s Summer Civic courtesy of Campus Honda. A plethora of … Continue reading


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Jason & Jade’s Driving Lesson


Our little Jade is all grown up and learning to drive and she asked Jason to help give her some pointers on driving……and eventually stand-up comedy. They decided to use The Zone’s Summer Civic – still rigged with GoPro cameras … Continue reading


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Pol & Gary’s Epic Joy Ride


And now a video with Pol and his adorable pooch, Gary. We sent Pol out to do a promotional video for our 2014 Honda Civic from Campus Honda…and this is the footage we got back……..


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Jeremy & Boitano Car Ride #1


One day, Jeremy Baker and Boitano decided to take The Zone’s 2014 Honda Civic (on loan to us from our friends at Campus Honda). They set up cameras and an audio recorder in the car and were gonna do a … Continue reading


The Zone’s Summer Civic :: Driving Band of Skulls


The neatest thing happened to us a few weeks back. Our friends at Campus Honda straight up GAVE us a brand new 2014 Honda Civic to use throughout the summer. They asked us to drive it around, see if we … Continue reading