Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: Slide hoverboard

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . Lexus built a real hoverboard. It’s real. It works. But there’s a catch. =) webmeister Bud More on (moron?) the Slide hoverboard


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: Inkbox two week tattoos

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . Two Toronto brothers have created the world’s first two-week tattoos. =) webmeister Bud Original 2-hour formula New ten-minute formula (Kickstarter ends August 28!)


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: Star Wars Land

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . 14 acres’ worth of all things Star Wars is coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. But is it the right move? =) webmeister Bud Official announcement Bloggy coverage (with more detail and … Continue reading


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: Graava self-editing action cam

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . Graava: the AI-powered AUTO-EDITING action camera. =) webmeister Bud Check out Graava Below, see raw and edited footage from Graava:


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: #RIPhitchBOT

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . #RIPhitchBOT, the friendly Canadian hitchhiking robot. =( webmeister Bud Relive hitchBOT’s Canadian adventures Follow hitchBOT’s only surviving relative, kulturBOT


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: ANKR geolocating keyfob

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . an itty-bitty keyfob which helps you keep track of your stuff. =) webmeister Bud ANKR


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: smartphones from Commodore, Marshall

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . details on new smartphones coming from amp-maker Marshall and ’80s computer company Commodore. =) webmeister Bud The Marshall London · The Commodore PET


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, dies

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . Nintendo’s president has died, and Bud recaps his great history. =( webmeister Bud Here’s the massive list of games which Mr. Iwata was involved with. That’s probably a lot of your childhood.


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: Smartwatch KNIFE FIGHT!

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . Pol’s Apple Watch VS Bryan’s Android Wear VS Bud’s Pebble Smartwatch. FIGHT! =) webmeister Bud #WeeklyGeekOut Apple Watch Android Wear Pebble Smartwatch


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: The Week in Geek

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . Bud discovered three geeky things this week: texting lanes, new LEGO material, and a media release written in emoji. =) webmeister Bud #WeeklyGeekOut Texting lane New LEGO material Chevy’s emoji media release … Continue reading