Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: smartphones from Commodore, Marshall

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . details on new smartphones coming from amp-maker Marshall and ’80s computer company Commodore. =) webmeister Bud The Marshall London · The Commodore PET


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, dies

Today on Bud’s #WeeklyGeekOut . . . Nintendo’s president has died, and Bud recaps his great history. =( webmeister Bud Here’s the massive list of games which Mr. Iwata was involved with. That’s probably a lot of your childhood.


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: Smartwatch KNIFE FIGHT!

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . Pol’s Apple Watch VS Bryan’s Android Wear VS Bud’s Pebble Smartwatch. FIGHT! =) webmeister Bud #WeeklyGeekOut Apple Watch Android Wear Pebble Smartwatch


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: The Week in Geek

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . Bud discovered three geeky things this week: texting lanes, new LEGO material, and a media release written in emoji. =) webmeister Bud #WeeklyGeekOut Texting lane New LEGO material Chevy’s emoji media release … Continue reading


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: The Money is MINE!!!

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . if you bought electronics between 1999–2002, you have until Tuesday next to submit a claim for your (probably) rightfully owed $20 . . . or more! =) webmeister Bud http://www.themoneyismine.ca/


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: GEEK: Into the Pixel

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . check out a showcase of original video game art from some of our local gaming studios this Saturday, June 13, 7p–1a at Fort Tectoria! =) webmeister Bud http://facebook.com/geekintothepixel/


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: what3words

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . what3words gives every place on earth a unique 3-word address. Your parking spot, a mountain summit, or the middle of the ocean. =) webmeister Bud http://what3words.com/


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: FREE RADIO! (smartphone FM chips)

Bud's Weekly Geek-out! 20150520 - FM on smartphones (FREE RADIO!)

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . the FM radio chips built into most smartphones are deactivated in North America. Should we have access to them? YES. Read on to see how to have your say and help bring … Continue reading


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: the Smart Card

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . one card to rule them all and thin out your wallet? Bud looks at a few. =) webmeister Bud Plastc Stratos Wocket Swyp Coin


Bud’s Weekly Geek-out :: how Bud geeks out

Today on Bud’s Weekly Geek-out . . . a recap show! What has Bud geeked out about that he still uses? What has been FAIL? =) webmeister Bud Here’s what Bud is still geeking out with . . . Pocket: … Continue reading