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 The Zone's Band of the Month is AZTEC

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hometown: Victoria BC

Lead Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter: Kyle Schepens
Lead Guitar: Saul Sitar
Bass: Patrick Gleeson
Drums: Chris Jordan


Vic42 is a sophisticated collection of features celebrating the unique and interesting people of Victoria. Head on over to check out their feature on AZTEC!

 The Zone's Band of the Month is AZTEC


Natives to Canadian soil & residents of the road. AZTEC is truly a loud rock independent band consisting of huge guitars, heavy handed drums, distinctive vocals, swooning harmonies and songs that are swift and to the point.

AZTEC has seen some great stride in the past couple years between working with band influence Nathan Hussey, heading out on numerous DIY tours before teaming up with Vancouver booking company ‘Badmouth Bookings’. As well as building a strong online fan base. They started 2012 out by playing to empty rooms at smaller local venues. By the end of 2014 they had played an excessive amount of shows all across Western Canada, have seen a tremendous boom in their fans base, and went from playing to nobody to playing in new cities only to be surprised by the number of people singing along and genuinely excited about what they’re doing. It’s their unique Long Island, Southern, Mid-West influenced indie-rock sound that sets them apart from the typical bands that notoriously go hand in hand with the Pacific North-West music scene. It’s their intentional step in the opposite direction that they have to thank for their always growing network of loyal fans.

They recorded their ‘Stitches’ EP last summer and worked along side Nathan Hussey of South Carolinas All Get Out. The band is currently in pre-production on their follow up record and it should be out mid summer 2015. Right now plans are to release it independently. ‘Stitches’ is available through almost all major digital distribution outlets, the next album will follow suit.

 The Zone's Band of the Month is AZTEC


“Stitches EP” – July 2014

 The Zone's Band of the Month is AZTEC

Latest news

AZTEC are currently in pre-production on our follow up record. They also have a three week Western Canada tour coming up June 8th-28th. When they get back from tour Saul and Kyle fly into Texas to meet up with Nathan to finish the album. Western U.S. tour plans are being discussed for this winter.

 The Zone's Band of the Month is AZTEC


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